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The Importance of Hiring a Tech Savvy Real Estate Agent

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Today’s housing market continues to evolve, and homebuyers are much smarter now than they were 20 years ago. Back then, if homebuyers had to call a real estate agent to get listings and schedule tours of the homes they wanted to see with that agent.


Now, almost anyone with Internet access can search for homes using their PCs, laptops, tablets, and/or mobile devices. In fact, the majority of homebuyers use technology to search for homes.


If you want to sell your home in today’s market, it’s important to hire a real estate agent who knows how to effectively market your home to today’s tech-savvy homebuyer.


When selling your home, here are a few factors to look for in a tech-savvy real estate agent:

  1. A personal website with an easy-to-use MLS search. Poorly constructed websites or those without MLS searches (or no website at all) are just unacceptable in today’s homebuying market. Homebuyers will overlook these types of websites, which means you will lose out on a lot of potential leads. Again, the majority of homebuyers are using online searches to find new homes. Your real estate agent should have an easy-to-use MLS search so homebuyers can find your home.
  2. Social Media Presence.  Having a Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn account is almost essential to any business now. Interaction in the social sphere demonstrates that your real estate agent is familiar with the importance of online communication with today’s buyers.
  3. Mobile access. It’s not only important for an agent to be accessible when away from the office, but it’s important that your agent has a good mobile presence. You should be able to access your agent’s website and search from your mobile phone. Many homebuyers are searching for homes on the go, and you want to make sure they can find yours.

Using a real estate agent that knows how to maintain an online presence on all devices is a good sign that you have a tech savvy agent that can market your home to today’s homebuyers.


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